GIS Ideas

Many ideas on GIS and Remote Sensing implementations and Geospatial innovations come out of related research projects, which have been already fulfilled, or they are currently running .
Here, we'll try to collect and organize connections with such projects enabling all interested GIS and Geospatial users from other scientific disciplines to find significant resources of latest accomplishments.

Earth Observation issues

  • GEOURBAN project - Sustainable Urban Planning using Earth Observation

The main objective of the GEOURBAN is to bridge the gap between EO (Earth Observation) scientists and urban planners by demonstrating the ability of current and future EO systems to depict parameters of urban structure and urban environmental quality over large areas at detailed level. GEOURBAN will also develop a web-based information system which will have the potential to support urban planning and management by providing a set of EO-based indicators easily transferable to any city and understood and by non-experts.

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